A Revolutionary New Cure For All Addictions

The author is the husband of the award-winning pioneer of Neuro-Electric Therapy (NET), Dr Meg Patterson, now being hailed in several countries as the only true cure for the world-wide problem of drug addiction.

The author of Addixion was already a world-famous, international journalist who had written extensively on the criminal, political and social aspects of drug addictions, when his wife asked him to write a complementary book from his experiences to be used in conjunction with her unique four-to-ten-days detoxification cure. She declared “NET is a 100 per cent cure for detoxification; but a 50 per cent cure for addictions”. Addixion is their combined solution to the world-wide drug problem.

The condition of addiction is unique in that it is one of the few, if not the only, condition, in which two processes of healing are intimately intertwined. The World Health Organisation International Conference of Nineteen Nation delegates who completed a “Report of the Council of Europe (1970)” stated that drug addiction was “the world’s worst social evil . . . of epidemic proportions” and concluded:

“It is important to have in mind that this subject includes not only psychological and medical but also social, educational, cultural and political aspects.”

The author argues that the tragedy of the complex drug addiction problem is that is now the victim of the “hot potato syndrome” where presidents, governments, armies, police, doctors, criminals, pharmaceutical corporations and major banks, while aware of the major importance of the problem, are reluctant to tackle it because of the immensity of the social, financial, criminal and political implications and each speciality involved passes on the problem to the other until “the hot potato cools” enough to ignore. It is the scale of demand of addictive substances from all sections of society in every nation which explains the reluctance of presidents and governments, the failures of doctors, the rivalries of law enforcement agencies, the cupidity of pharmaceutical companies and criminals—and the mind-staggering multi-billion pound profits.

Addixion not only addresses this “insoluble” problem, it analyzes why all existing psychological and empirical attempts at rehabilitation are failures and how a combination of NET detoxification and rehabilitation outlined in the book can solve “the world’s drug problem”.

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