"The encouraging success of putting my manuscript, What Happens When I Die?, on my web-site has persuaded me to add another. It is much more productive to have a manuscript available to over a thousand readers than just sitting in my book-case. The second manuscript I have chosen, The Messiah, is a investigative journalistic presentation of the life and times of Jesus the Messiah as if I had been there witnessing and reporting them. 

Having What Happens When I Die available for free on my web-site was an experiment, following the surprising development—to me, at least!—of seeing a report of having a thousand hits a month on my web-site. I am unaware of the items of interest of the callers, as my experience covers a wide field from adventures in Tibet to reporting on drug addiction in its various social, criminal, and medical aspects. Several of my books are currently out-of-print, but are being reprinted in the Print on Demand process by www.longridersguildpress.com and www.classictravelbooks.com, while others are pending publication.


Chapters are added each month, please click on the links below.You will need Adobe Reader to read these files most computers will open the documents automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader. Download the reader here.


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