Three Books packed with spiritual daring, adventure, political intrigue and scientific commitment.

Journey with Loshay

An amazing book written by a truly remarkable man!

The Long Rider author was a Scottish medical missionary who had become Tibetan in all but his broad Highland brand of personal enthusiasm. Then in 1950 the Communists advanced into Tibet and a warning had to be taken to India. The only way to achieve this was by riding through the snow-locked Himalayas over a mountain pass even the locals were afraid to try. Relying both on his companionship with God and on his own strength, Patterson undertook an emergency equestrian journey across the wildest parts of Tibet. “He was a superb horseman whose body was as efficient as the Tibetans,” reported London’s The Times. A classic of equestrian travel, the narrative matches in sheer courage the extraordinary journey it records.

Patterson of Tibet

The chronicle of one man’s spiritual odyssey from the tiny town of Falkirk, Scotland to the snow-covered mountain tops of Tibet .

Here is the sweeping story of one man’s quest to find God. It is a tale that begins in the moors of the Plymouth Brethren, where young Patterson began his Christian odyssey, then sweeps you away in an unexpected flood of religious adventure to war-torn China and on into mighty Tibet. Through his vivid written account, Patterson recalls how he balanced his never ending desire to find the Almighty with the medical skills he brought to help the people who inhabited the exotic world he found himself in. Aflame with spiritual curiosity, full of religious adventure, the story also reveals how it was the magic of an unexpected love with a beautiful Scottish doctor that changed the life of “Patterson of Tibet.”

Gods and Guerrillas

The story of a Scotsman’s perilous undercover journey into Chinese-occupied Tibet.

What do you do when adventure calls at an inopportune time? Who do you turn to, but God, when you need answers to how you should travel along an uncertain road? These were the type of personal and spiritual dilemmas George Patterson faced when risk knocked at his door late one night. The missionary George Patterson had married brilliant Scottish scientist, Dr. Meg, and they were raising a family, when his adopted homeland entered their life one last time. Think of Tibet, that frozen kingdom hiding behind its protective barrier of high mountains. Now add in the fact the Red Chinese had recently invaded the country and placed a bounty on Patterson’s head for his role in rescuing the Dalai Lama. Next, bring in a band of determined Tibetan guerrillas who offer Patterson a chance to witness their attack on the invading Communist army. There’s just one catch – he has to leave his wife and children long enough to accompany them on what looks like a one-way journey. The problem is no other westerner can get into Tibet, except Patterson, so the outside world is oblivious to the Chinese invasion and the atrocities being perpetrated on the Tibetans. That’s why the rebels need Patterson of Tibet to make one last journey. Just before you leave on this literary journey of a lifetime, don’t forget to tie down the independent English film-maker who will document this amazing journey with the Tibetan rebels. Now you’re ready to set off on a roller-coaster of a ride packed with undercover action, fast-shooting freedom fighters, revengeful Communists and a Scotsman who’s seen more excitement than a dozen other men. Full of sorcery and shamans, political observations and religious beliefs, Patterson’s “Gods and Guerrillas” is a rare glimpse into the 1960s forgotten war when a handful of Tibetans took on the might of the Red Army.


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